Cycling is a great way to build fitness and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, 85% of all cyclists experience some form of knee, back, neck/shoulder, and/or saddle pain when riding. Riding a bike should be pain-free! The first step begins with a professional Bike Fit, tailored to your musculoskeletal needs.


Whether you race, commute, tour, grind gravel, ride tandem or just ride for fitness, a professional bike fitting can help you ride more and hurt less! Each Bike Fit is individualized based on your needs and goals as a cyclists. Specific applications are also available and include:

  • Endurance positioning for on/off-road cycling
  • Aero positioning for Time Trial and Triathlon
  • Cyclocross
  • Mountain bike positioning for Cross Country and Downhill


  • Review of medical and training history
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation as it pertains to each cyclist’s specific demands
  • A brief warm up performed on a stationary resistance trainer
  • Static and dynamic evaluation examining posture, pedaling mechanics and overall position on the bike
  • Retrofit of equipment as needed
  • Medical intervention when indicated
  • Instruction with adaptive exercises when necessary
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bike Fitting covered by my health insurance?

    This service can be covered by health insurance; however, we need to first determine ‘medical necessity’ by performance of a Physical Therapy Evaluation. Please call or email us for more information.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our cash pay rates are as follows:

    • Basic Bike Fit (block pedals or toe clips): $100
    • Complete Bike Fit (incl. adjustment of clipless pedal systems): $150
    • Aero/Triathlon/Tandem Fit: $200
    • Follow up’s for continued adjustment and fine tuning of fit: $75


  • How do I schedule a bike fit?

    Call Apple at our Nashua 603-889-0177 or Amherst 603-769-3331 offices to set up an evaluation.

  • What do I bring to the fitting?

    Bring a clean bike and shoes/cleats! Bring your typical cycling attire (shoes, helmet, gloves, cycling shorts, etc.)

  • What if my Bike Fit determines the need for equipment changes to existing components?

    Please note: we do not sell bicycle equipment (saddles, bars, stem’s, etc.) If the optimal position requires replacement of your existing components, we’ll make recommendations for parts and a reputable bike shop to assist you in achieving your Bike Fit goals.


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