At Apple Therapy Services we are committed to being an integral part of our community.  Here is what's happening at our physical therapy and occupational therapy clinics.

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Apple Therapy is very excited to announce the addition of the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill at an off-site location in Nashua, NH. This is an amazing tool for rehab, weight loss, and fitness with the impact on your joints. It is especially valuable to people coming off an injury and wishing to walk or run without harming their joints.

Announcing Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Check out the website and contact Karin Biskovich via email to schedule time on the Alter G by clicking on the button below.

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Have you ever wondered if YOU could benefit from therapy following an injury or surgery?  Come to Apple Nashua and find out!  We are offering a FREE CLINIC on the last Wednesday of each month between the hours of 5-7PM.  Please call 603.889.0177 to schedule your FREE 15 minute consult! Space is limited.

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Comeback warrior of the Month:

William Cournoyer

Injury: Bilateral knee OA, right shoulder, right lumbar sciatica


Therapist: Danielle Temmen, Apple Therapy Londonderry


Bill has trusted me with his care for multiple diagnoses over the past two years. Due to having an extremely laboring job in the construction industry he has had multiple injuries. Initially, I had been treating Bill for crippling bilateral knee pain with a diagnosis of moderate to severe OA. Through dedication and hard work Bill was able to strengthen his knees and decrease his pain significantly. Since then, Bill has returned for right shoulder and right low back pain with sciatica and has responded well to dry needling which has improved his pain levels, reduced muscle tension and facilitated an accelerated return to active rehabilitation. It has been a pleasure to work with such a determined patient and I cannot wait to see where his progress takes him.


Millennium Running

The Next Millennium Running Event is NH 10 Miler on August 25th, 2018.



Apple Nashua runs an 8 week session of Pilates classes. Advance your core strengthening to the next level!   Space is limited!! Contact Apple Nashua to sign up and get more info!


Phone: 603-889-0177

Bike Fit Services. Now Offered

Do you ache after your ride? Do your knees hurt? Well, they don’t have to and you don’t have to. Being properly fitted to your bicycle is as critical as buying the bike that you want.  Without a good bike fit, you could be miserable.  A complete bike fit session includes an adjustment of the bike to fit your body and exercises to adapt you to the demands of cycling.  It’s best performed by a physical therapist who is knowledgeable in both the body and bicycling issues such as equipment and geometry.

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