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Have you ever wondered if YOU could benefit from therapy following an injury or surgery?  Come to Apple Nashua and find out!  We are offering a FREE CLINIC on the last Wednesday of each month between the hours of 5-7PM.  Please call 603.889.0177 to schedule your FREE 15 minute consult! Space is limited.

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Much research has shown that prolonged sitting and poor posture has a negative impact on many areas of overall health. Check out this video showing the benefits of good posture and find out how you can make the change to improve your well-being.




The new mobile, wearable ultrasound therapy?  It allows for faster recovery and drug-free pain relief.  For up to 4 hours per session, sore muscles, tendons, and ligaments become fully saturated with the gentle, restorative ultrasound energy of sam®.  Apple offers a $40 monthly rental which includes one box of 10 treatment bandages in order for you to try it out.  Visit the website for more information.  If you do think you are a candidate, schedule a consultation with us.


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Millennium Running

The Next Millennium Running Event is Cinco de Miles 5k on May 6th, 2018.


Comeback Patient of the Month: Stephen Farrar

Injury: Total Knee Replacement

Physician: Dr. Joseph, NHOC

Therapist: Heather Comstock, DPT Apple Therapy Amherst

















Stephen began his physical therapy journey in July following his first total knee replacement performed by Dr. Joseph. He presented shortly after surgery to outpatient PT with significant pain, edema, joint hypomobility and increased dependence on a walker while ambulating. As a passionate hiker, Stephen stated his goal at evaluation of being able to hike in Colorado without pain or instability in October. Initially, progress was slow secondary to pain and edema, but Stephen's dedication inside and outside the clinic stimulated change. He discovered a book called Knee Surgery: The Essential Guide to Total Knee Recovery by Daniel Fulham O'Neill, which he recommends every patient should be read prior to undergoing this surgery to stimulate the correct mindset for this difficult and crucial rehabilitation process.


Treatment consisted initially with predominantly manual techniques like soft tissue mobilization (including Graston and cupping), joint mobilizations, passive and active assisted range of motion exercises, and stretching. As his knee range of motion improved, treatment progressed towards functional strengthening and balance training (from stable to unstable surfaces) to improve his ability to navigate variable surfaces while hiking. In August, Stephen graduated from PT and was successfully able to climb 2,000 vertical feet up to the 11,000' Reflection lake in Colorado! We'd call this a success story!


Apple Nashua runs an 8 week session of Pilates classes. Advance your core strengthening to the next level!   Space is limited!! Contact Apple Nashua to sign up and get more info!


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Bike Fit Services. Now Offered

Do you ache after your ride? Do your knees hurt? Well, they don’t have to and you don’t have to. Being properly fitted to your bicycle is as critical as buying the bike that you want.  Without a good bike fit, you could be miserable.  A complete bike fit session includes an adjustment of the bike to fit your body and exercises to adapt you to the demands of cycling.  It’s best performed by a physical therapist who is knowledgeable in both the body and bicycling issues such as equipment and geometry.

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