by Jesse Corriveau at Apple Therapy

The leaves are falling off the trees and we all know what that means; yardwork! Raking the leaves can be a fun way to stay active outdoors, but not when it causes aches and pains. Using proper body mechanics when working in the yard can greatly reduce your risk of injury.

What is the key to staying injury free?

The following tips can help you have fun while avoiding injury!

  • Get a warm up before you start raking. Walk around the yard, stretch, for 5-10 minutes. This increases circulation and mobility before getting to the hard work.
  • Use the right tools and gear. Make sure your rake isn’t too tall/short for your height. Avoiding restrictive layers and poor footwear is equally as important.
  • Use proper biomechanics. Activating your abdominal muscles will take the strain off your back. Stans with feet about hip width apart, or staggered stance, and bending from the knees instead of bending from the back
  • Relax your neck. Letting your core and legs do the work will relax your upper shoulders and neck
  • Lastly, take breaks! Know when to take a break, get water, and return when you’re ready
Leaf Raking