The Benefits of Percussive Therapy

by Apple Therapy Here at Apple Therapy, we have supported the use of percussive therapy to help with muscle knots and areas of muscle pain. It can be expensive to see a massage therapist on the regular to address [...]

Patient of the Month – January 2022

ERICTreated at our Amherst clinicEric came to our Amherst office last August, 6 weeks after his rotator cuff repair surgery. It was a severe injury, involving an extensive repair of all 4 rotator cuff tendons. When Eric tore the tendons [...]

Patient of the Month – November 2021

RACHEL L Treated at our Nashua clinic Rachel, an avid runner, strained her calf in early September while training for the Baystate Marathon. The injury occurred during a 19 mile training run. Subsequently, Rachel was left unable to run [...]

Calf Muscle Strains are a Common Running Injury

by Apple Therapy Overview: Calf muscle strains are a common running injury. They can be a painful and limiting injury that can derail a running program or routine. In a study of over 2000 runners, achilles tendinopathy and calf [...]

October is National Physical Therapy Month

National Physical Therapy Month (October) is a great time be reminded of the benefits of physical therapy and to celebrate physical therapists, PT assistants, PT students, and everyone else that is involved in the profession of physical therapy. It’s also [...]

PT and Covid Long-Haulers

by Apple Therapy Long-haulers is the term given for people who continue to have COVID symptoms for weeks or months after having the virus. Some of these symptoms include joint or muscle pain, headaches, body aches, poor endurance, and [...]

Patient of the Month – October

GINGER Treated at our Bedford clinic Ginger is a grandmother of 2 who enjoyed being active with her family. However, over the past few years her function began to decline due to increasing left knee pain. Ginger underwent a [...]

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