Patient of the Month. – January 2023

KRISTI Treated at our Amherst clinic Kristi came to Apple Therapy Amherst last October after having a lumbar microdisectomy in early September. Initially she had difficulty with basic daily activities like walking, dressing and even sitting comfortably. Soon she was [...]

Think Before You Chew!

by Apple Therapy Temporomandibular disease, or TMD (often referred to as TMJ), is pain in the jaw, face, or ears. It is estimated that 75% of people experience one or more signs of TMD throughout their life and although [...]

Patient of the Month – December 2022

MICKEY F Treated at our Nashua clinic Mickey is a NH Court Security Officer and as part of his job he is also an instructor for officer range qualification and defensive tactics. He strained the MCL in his left knee [...]

Patient of the Month – November

ANTHONY Treated at our Manchester Executive Health Club office. Anthony is an 18-year-old patient who back in February was playing basketball and ended up hyperextending his knee. In April he underwent surgery for ACL reconstruction. Throughout Anthony’s rehab he was [...]

Patient of the Month – October

DONNA Treated at our Bedford clinic Donna is a patient who broke her ankle 8 years ago in a toboggan accident. She and two others were on the toboggan when they hit a jump and the toboggan, with all three [...]

Patient of the Month – September

RANIA B Treated at our Manchester Downtown clinic On January 17, 2022 Rania was playing basketball at Central High School and tore her ACL when she hyperextended her knee. On February 9, 2022 she underwent ACL reconstruction with Dr. [...]

Patient of the Month – August

TAMMY C Treated at our Londonderry clinic August 28th, 2021 Tammy fell at work injuring her left shoulder. On February 8th, 2021 she underwent a Rotator Cuff Repair, Biceps Tenotomy, Subacromial Decompression and Debridement of her shoulder with Dr. Killie [...]

Patient of the Month – July

Deborah Treated at our Amherst clinic Deborah came to see us in winter of 2021 after a laminectomy procedure on her lumbar spine. In the fall she herniated a disc in her back causing her to lose function of her [...]

What Kind of a Running Shoe Should I Wear?

by Apple Therapy We get many questions about running shoes from our patients who are dealing with a running injury. The technology of running shoes is constantly changing so it is hard to know if this new technology is for [...]

Finger Dislocations

by Apple Therapy Finger Dislocations Can occur at all 3 joints of the finger. The fingers are most commonly at risk of dislocation when exposed to high impact activities and forced overstretching. Such forces are most typically experienced during [...]

Patient of the Month – June

Greg B Treated at our Nashua clinic Greg Bleaux is a patient of Dr. Robert Heaps and Anne-Marie Provencal MS OTR/L who underwent reconstruction surgery of the volar plate of his right ring finger PIP joint. Greg reports chronic dislocation [...]

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