by Apple Therapy

Now that warm weather is here, are you looking to start a running program?

Are you returning to running after a long break or an injury? Or maybe you are starting as a new runner? A couch to 5K program could be a good program for you! There are many different length programs available based on your running experience.

What Can Help with My Training?

  • Stretching! Before starting your run, incorporate a fast walk and dynamic stretching (i.e. knee to chest walking, straight leg swings forward/back/side). Once your run is complete, make sure you do a cool down walk and incorporate static stretching/rolling (ie standing quad stretch/ calf stretch).
  • Strength! Incorporate strengthening and cross training on your off days. This will help to prevent injury and improve overall strength and mobility.

Things to Consider:

  • Don’t worry about your speed.
  • If you have a hard time with one of the weeks then repeat until you feel comfortable to move on.
  • Make sure to have good running shoes and proper running attire.
  • Stay hydrated.


Couch to 5K
Couch to 5K Training Plan