by Apple Therapy

Texting Thumb

Over the past few years, hand surgeons have noticed an increased incidence of thumb discomfort that correlates with the use of portable smart devices. When using a cell phone, the thumb is completing fine, repetitive motions in an irregular posture. Symptoms can range from dull, throbbing aches to more severe stabbing pain. Abnormal sensation such as numbness and tingling may also occur. Diagnoses such as trigger thumb, Dequervain’s, arthritis, and overall tendonitis can occur from the overuse

How to avoid texting thumb?

  • Adaptive rings, buttons, or collapsible
    tabs (pop sockets) can be placed on
    the back of the phone to help
    incorporate more digits and palm for
    increased support
  • Breaking up screen time
  • Using speak to text
  • Using a larger phone
  • Stretching your wrist and thumb (shown

Stretches to avoid pain from texting!

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