with therapist, Brandt Capone, PT, CSCS

A program designed to evaluate the physical and mechanical components of your golf game.  We will develop a golf specific strength and conditioning program individually tailored to meet your body’s need and address your identified limitations to maximize performance and reduce injury.

A golf program can include:
  1. Golf specific stretches
  2. Golf specific core strengthening
  3. Golf specific strength and conditioning
  4. Digital Video Swing Analysis on Indoor Simulator
Benefits of Video Swing Analysis and Coaching on Simulator:
  1. Analyze posture, spine angle, swing plane, mechanics and compare multiple swings
  2. Playback of swing 250 frames/sec with overlay using V1 golf specific software
  3. Analyze club path tracing, impact angle, club head speed, ball speed, distance and accuracy
  4. Can be used in proper club fitting
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