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If you haven’t had Tennis Elbow, you don’t want to get it. The cause of Tennis Elbow is trauma that occurs to the elbow tendons, usually due to stress on the tendon from sports or repetitive use of tools. Symptoms include pain, weakness, and achiness in the elbow area. The pain is felt when grasping an object or simply moving your elbow. It can happen suddenly or over an extended period.

Apple Therapy’s physical therapists are certified to treat Tennis Elbow should it occur, and there are various methods we employ to get you back in the game and on the court. For this article, we’ll focus on how you can prevent Tennis Elbow and hopefully never experience the pain associated with it.

On the Court

Although you can get Tennis Elbow through any repetitive action that puts strain on your elbow tendons, the sport of tennis is the genesis of the name. Here are a few tips to keep your elbows injury-free when playing tennis.

  1. Change it up – Change up your approach to hitting the ball, don’t repeat the same movements over and over again.
  2. Use your shoulders & lower body – Use your shoulders and upper arm muscles to take the strain off the elbow tendons. Also, use your lower body to put power into your stroke.
  3. Range of motion – Avoid a perfectly straight or an extremely bent arm. Instead, stay somewhere in the middle range of motion with your arm.
  4. Stretch & warm up – before you start playing
  5. Lighter & looser – A lighter racket with looser strings will go a long way to reducing strain.

Off the Court

  1. Avoid bent wrist – Avoid working with a bent wrist.
  2. No jerky movements – Keep it smooth
  3. Change it up – Take a break, do a different job for a while
  4. Hold loosely – Hold tools with a looser grip taking tension out of the hand.
  5. Gloves, padding, & oversized grips – Wear gloves or use tools with padding or more oversized grips to absorb the impact of the repetitive shock.


As you work to improve your game, don’t forget to include improving your chances of not getting a sports injury. Tennis is a great sport to enjoy this time of year; follow these tips to stay on the court and not in our office. But if an injury does occur, contact your local Apple Therapy, and we’ll get you rehabilitated and back on the court in no time.

Tennis Elbow