Apple Therapy, Nashua is conveniently located on the second floor of the Riverside Medical building above the NH Orthopedic Center. Our Nashua practice is home to five therapists including Clinic Director, Lynn Novier.


General Orthopedics, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries, Work Injuries, Physical Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Graston Technique, Running Gait Analysis, Bike Fitting, Pilates, Active Release Technique, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Splinting

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17 Riverside Street
Suite 203
Nashua, NH 03062

Phone: 603-889-0177
Fax: 603-889-0176
Monday: 6am-8pm
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Wednesday: 6am-8pm
Thursday: 6am-8pm
Friday: 6am-5pm

  Meet the Nahsua Staff


Clinic Director

Lynn has been with Apple Therapy since 2002 when she came onboard as Clinic Director. Outside of work, Lynn can be found enjoying her time biking, running, swimming, and hiking.

Lynn uses an eclectic approach to treatment, generally working with the whole body. She believes the best approach to manage orthopedic injuries is with intelligent movement coupled with skilled, manual therapy for a functional return to all activities in life.

Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy, Florida International University, 1987.

Hand Therapy
Vodder Trained Lymphatic Drainage
Polestar trained Advanced Pilates
John Barnes trained Myofascial Release
Graston Technique
Myofascial Release
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Hand Rehabilitation
Manual Therapy
Modality Treatment
Post Rehab Conditioning
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Complete Decongestive Therapy
American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT)
New England Hand Society (NEHS)
New Hampshire Occupational Therapists Association (NHOT)


Physical Therapist

Shad has been with Apple Therapy since 2015. Shad heads up the Bike Fitting program offered in Nashua. Prior to his move from CA to NH in 2003, he worked with professional athletes. Shad’s areas of clinical and research interest are post-operational orthopedic rehabilitation, rehabilitation for cyclists and triathletes, and rehabilitation for soccer injuries.

Shad’s interest in pursuing this career was sparked through his own rehabilitation from injuries when he was in elementary and high school. Outside of work, Shad enjoys playing and coaching soccer, competing in Ironman Triathlons, snow skiing, and spending time with his wife and their three active kids.

Master of Physical Therapy, Andrews University, 1997.
Orthopedics Certified Specialist (OCS)
Pilates for Rehabilitation
Graston Technique
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Manual Therapy
Running Gait Analysis
Bike Fitting


Physical Therapist

Stacie has been with Apple Therapy since 2012. Her areas of clinical and research interest include injury prevention and rehabilitation for athletes – especially lower extremities and shoulder, vestibular rehabilitation, concussion syndrome, pregnancy and post-partum strengthening.

When asked what sparked her interest in pursuing this career, Stacie answered, “I wanted a career in which I could make a difference in people’s lives. In high school, I had the opportunity to shadow a PT and there was a 12-year old boy that was combative with PT, but he responded really well to working with me. With this experience, I realized this would be a rewarding career”. She loves being able to inspire positive changes in her patients and assist them in the journey of returning to doing what they love to do. Outside of work, Stacie enjoys spending time with her family and their dog. She loves to travel, hike, ski, run, and to spend time at the beach.

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology, UMass Lowell, 2005.
Doctorate, Physical Therapy, UMass Lowell, 2008.
Basic CPR
APTA Credential Clinical Instructor
Graston Technique
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Post-Concussion Rehabilitation
Manual Therapy
Modality Treatment
Taping techniques
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Post-concussion Syndrome
Maitland Manual Therapy Technique

matt modelane, dpt

Physical Therapist

Matt has been with Apple Therapy since 2013. His areas of clinical and research interests include using the multi-modal approach for the treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions. Matt’s interests also include working with cyclists, young athletes, and individuals with persistent pain.

Matt was active in athletics throughout his academic career; it was through his athletic participation that Matt found an interest in the field of physical therapy. Outside of work, Matt enjoys cooking as well as staying active with competitive road cycling, playing hockey, football, and any other sport.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Franklin Pierce University, 2013.

Active Release Technique
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Manual Therapy
Work Conditioning
Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Spinal Manipulation
Functional Movement Assessment

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT)

Casey Hall

Physical Therapy Assistant

Casey has been with Apple Therapy since 2018. His areas of clinical interest and expertise are rehabilitation for athletes and the general population.

Casey has always been interested in physical fitness and had sights at one point to become a trainer. After sustaining an injury and going to physical therapy, he decided he wanted to pursue helping with recovery and prevention of an injury. Outside of work, Casey likes to spend time with his family and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Associates, Physical Therapist Assistant, RVCC, 2012

Graston technique, Myofascial Release, and Kinesio Taping

Graston Technique Myofascial Release Vestibular Rehabilitation Post-concussion Rehabilitation Manual Therapy Pilates

  In The Office

patty leone

Office Manager

Patty has been with Apple Therapy since 2018. As the office administrative assistant, she is responsible for checking patients in and out, collecting and recording patient payments, updating patient information, retrieving patient files, and the ordering and distribution of office supplies.

Outside of work, Patty enjoys time with her family and her two dogs, Cindy Lou and Bella. You can also expect to find her walking, reading, and volunteering at her church.


“You guys are all great! The whole team A+, Thank you!”
Alexa D.
“I will forever be grateful to Apple Therapy. Being able to run makes me feel so much better in all areas of my life. ”

“Mia is awesome! Her exercises were perfectly adapted so I could do them at home. She exceptionally patient and thorough.”

Kelly S.
“Stacey & Casey are extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. I’d never go anywhere else.”
Mandi M.
“Excellent care, excellent service, excellent people. I hope I never have to come back, but if I need the help…the dedicated team at Apple Therapy would be there for me.”
James M.