by Apple Therapy

Did you know that your body is roughly 60% water? Today (June 23rd) is National Hydration Day and we want to share hydration knowledge with you!

Every year, the U.S. celebrates National Hydration Day to raise awareness of the importance of proper hydration. Proper hydration often takes a backseat to our busy everyday lives; It’s easy to forget a water bottle on the way out the door or lose track of time during work or activity. This article aims to inform readers of the importance of proper hydration and how to incorporate this into everyday life.

Facts about hydration:

1) Hydrated brains are happy brains
Since our bodies contain ~60% water, even a 2-3% weight reduction from water loss profoundly affects our bodily functions. Dehydration can lower blood pressure, impact your breathing rate and quality, and affects brain functioning. Even cases of mild dehydration can cause mood swings, decreased energy levels, and troubles with memory, concentration, reasoning skills and reaction time. Staying properly hydrated can ward off dehydration-induced headaches as well.

2) Aids in maximal physical performance
If you aren’t hydrated, your body cannot perform at its peak physical capabilities. On top of the heart and brain benefits listed above, fluid regulation also helps ensure our bodies can thermoregulate themselves so we don’t overheat during activity as quickly. Water or electrolyte beverages can also help with exercise-induced cramps and delay fatigue during activity (NATA).

3) May help with weight regulation
Consuming more water may help with weight regulation if that is a struggle area for you. This is because our brain recognizes the need for something when our bodies are hungry/dehydrated. Studies also suggest drinking water before meals can help with the feeling of fullness, thus decreasing the number of foods consumed

Hydration Help

If you struggle to get enough water in the day, we have some tips for you. Additionally, it can be tricky for the athletes out there to match fluid intake during activity with sweat loss to maintain water balance. These tips can help you stay hydrated during the day to perform at your peak during activity.

Set a goal

Setting a goal can be a simple way to stay motivated if you struggle to drink more water. Although there is no specific number of ounces for everyone, you should adjust your water consumption given your demographics and activity levels (CDC). If you are a man, live in hot climates, are pregnant/breastfeeding, or engage in strenuous physical activity, your fluid consumption will be greater than others.

Add flavor

Adding flavoring, like fruits and herbs, can make water more enjoyable if you struggle to like plain water. This may help encourage kids to have more water as well.

Eat your fluids

Eating foods high in water content is a great way to hydrate, as they often contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (CDC). Food with high water content include watermelon, lettuce, celery, and many other fruits.

Choose water

Consciously choosing water over soda, coffee, or alcoholic beverages is a great way to stay hydrated. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol can increase dehydration compared to not drinking anything! Freezing your water or adding ice to your bottle can make your water more appealing, since cold water is generally more refreshing to drink.