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DO I NEED A REFERRAL FROM MY PCP?2024-04-04T15:31:02+00:00

To find out if you need a referral for physical or occupational therapy, call the number on your insurance card and ask if you need a PCP referral for outpatient physical or occupational therapy services. If a referral is required, call your primary care physician and ask that a referral be faxed to the Apple Therapy office you will be attending. A referral will need to be in place before your initial evaluation with us. (See video below for a discussion on this topic)

HOW LONG DO I NEED TO ATTEND?2021-09-28T16:29:43+00:00

Based on your diagnosis, your therapist will decide what course of treatment is needed and how long it will be necessary for you to attend.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT?2024-04-04T15:31:49+00:00

Your first appointment will be an evaluation with the physical or occupational therapist to determine your plan of care. You and your therapist will determine how often treatment is needed and will then create a plan of care that suits your needs. (See video below on What to Expect with Your First Visit)

WHAT IF I CAN’T AFFORD THERAPY RIGHT NOW?2021-09-28T16:28:45+00:00

We ask that you come in for an evaluation with us, and discuss possible treatment options with your therapist. We offer payment plans and other assistance on an individual basis. We may be able to use intermittent visits in the clinic, to oversee a consistent home exercise program. Remember that the longer an injury goes untreated, the more treatment may be necessary, and more complications may arise. This can actually be more costly in the long run.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING?2024-04-04T15:32:47+00:00

You will need to bring your insurance card, or if it is a workers’ compensation injury, bring your workers’ compensation insurance company information with a phone number and your claim number. You should be able to obtain this from your employer. (See video below on What to Expect with your First Visit)


You will need to wear comfortable clothes appropriate for stretching and exercising. Your injured body part should be easily accessible. For example: If you have a shoulder injury, please wear or bring a tank top; for a knee injury, please wear or bring shorts or loose sweat pants. (See video below on What to Wear to Your First Visit)

What to expect on your first visit.
What to wear to your first visit.
Do I need a doctor’s referral?
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