Treated at our Amherst clinic

Eric came to our Amherst office last August, 6 weeks after his rotator cuff repair surgery. It was a severe injury, involving an extensive repair of all 4 rotator cuff tendons. When Eric tore the tendons in his shoulder, the joint also dislocated causing nerve damage. It was going to be a long recovery process for him! The rehab program for Eric required constant modification and adjustments due to nerve fatigue and extensive muscle involvement. Without a doubt, Eric followed our guidance and had incredible patience in the process. He worked hard to very gradually build up these small rotator cuff muscles allowing him full range of motion in his shoulder again. We were continually impressed with his positive attitude and amazing work ethic. He is continuing his recovery path in our work conditioning program to get him back to his job as a firefighter. We wish him the best in his rehab!

Congratulations ERIC!

Patient of the Month - January 2022