Paul C

Treated at our Amherst clinic

Paul started PT at Apple Therapy in Amherst in October 2023 after sustaining multiple injuries including concussion, cervical fracture, right clavicle fracture and left Bicondylar tibial fracture in early September after crashing his dirt bike into a tree. Initially Paul was in a wheelchair using multiple braces and unable to bear any weight through his leg or right arm. Early on in his rehab he was able to utilize the antigravity treadmill to start to walk again with partial weight bearing. Paul has worked hard showing a great amount of determination while maintaining a sense of humor and positive outlook the whole time working to get his ROM and strength back. Paul would like to acknowledge how Liz, Laura, & Apple team as well as his entire family were instrumental in his recovery. Recently he has returned to travel for work and helped coach his son’s flag football team & the Amherst Patriots.

Way to go Paul!