Treated at our Downtown Manchester clinic

Matt was struck on the head by a by an old heavy metal gate to an elevator shaft two years ago while delivering packages. He suffered a severe concussion and cervical strain. He was almost completely incapacitated for the first year with pain, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. It was almost a year before he was able to tolerate physical therapy in our downtown Manchester clinic focusing primarily on reducing these symptoms and slowly increasing a tolerance to activities. His symptoms improved, but he wasn’t strong or fit enough to return to delivering packages up to 75 pounds. He started the work conditioning program at our clinic at the Executive Health Club in November of last year, very weak, deconditioned, and still having symptoms with light to moderate activities. Matt came in consistently and worked hard every single time. He required dry needling or soft tissue work to his cervical spine with less frequency through his course of work conditioning. He could have easily given up and gone on permanent disability, but instead he fought to get back to work. While it did take a long time and it was an overall expensive case, we were able to get him back to full duties and prevent him from going on permanent disability. Matt lost 45 pounds and stated, “I still have occasional headaches, but I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m ready to return to full work duties.”

Congratulations MATT.