Treated at our Amherst clinic

Deborah came to see us in winter of 2021 after a laminectomy procedure on her lumbar spine. In the fall she herniated a disc in her back causing her to lose function of her right leg with severe foot drop and loss of strength in the entire leg. On her first visit she came in a wheelchair and needed assistance for transfers from chair to table, moving from lying down to sitting up and rolling over from back to side. She needed moderate assistance for any standing and transferring from sit to stand due the weakness in her right leg.

She has worked hard every step of the way in the clinic and on her exercises at home. She had amazing support from her husband and sons to help her feel more confident as her strength came back. Today she no longer needs her wheelchair, using a rolling walker for assistance. She is able to independently get in and out of bed, chairs, and the car. She can get up and down stairs to navigate in and out of her house and out in the community.

It has been an amazing progression to be a part of and we are so happy to be part of her rehabilitation. Thanks to Deb for her constant smile and positive attitude. People like you make our job rewarding and fun!

Congratulations DEB!

Patient of the Month for July