Treated at our Nashua clinic

John is a 62-year-old Brick Layer who initially sustained a rotator cuff repair in 2018; In November of 2022, he reinjured his left shoulder at work and required a revision of his original repair.

John underwent traditional rehabilitation at Apple Therapy in Nashua which began two weeks following his surgery on 12/1/22. John did excellent in therapy with Lynn Novier, OTR CHT. He remained motivated and compliant with his program. At 14 weeks, he entered the Work Conditioning program by Matt Modelane, DPT, and Sara Horne ATC. His diligence and motivation were successful, and he returned to work without restriction five weeks later. We are proud of John for his accomplishments and wish him all the best in the future!!

Congratulations JOHN!

Patient of the Month for June 2023