Treated at our Londonderry Clinic

In March of 2021, Tony was working a fire, pulling boards off a barn when he felt a pop in his shoulder. Following the injury, Tony was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear. On May 7th, 2021 he underwent a rotator cuff repair with Dr. Killie at NHOC.

When a patient has their rotator cuff repaired there are several phases of rehabilitation. The initial phase focuses on gently restoring ROM for the first six weeks, progressing ROM to full during weeks 6-12 then gaining strength and full function after three months. For Tony due to his line of work as a firefighter, once he went through the standard rehabilitation protocol, we then progressed him to working on pulling, pushing, and carrying to simulate job-related tasks. Tony has returned to full duty and is getting stronger every day.

Congratulations Anthony!