Treated at our Manchester Downtown clinic

Robin came to Apple Therapy Downtown Manchester in December of 2021 after having a rotator cuff repair on her left shoulder. Earlier in 2021 (September), she fell while showing her horse, dislocating her right shoulder and injuring her left one. She had persistent left shoulder pain with loss of function. Robin saw Dr. Goumas and had an MRI which revealed a torn left RC. Dr. Goumas performed an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and arthroscopic subacromial decompression. Robin was quite familiar with RC surgery recovery after her previous right RC repair in 2019.

Robin started PT six days post-surgery with significant associated pain. Loss of mobility, flexibility and functional ROM. Her pain was most significant at night along with disturbed sleep patterns. The focus on first few weeks of therapy for Robin was ROM and to get her pain under control and sleep comfortably. Her goal was to return to riding and show her horse in upcoming summer\fall shows. The most important one was being able to participate in the World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City. Robin struggled with her motion for the first eight weeks of therapy due to significant shoulder stiffness and soft tissue sensitivity. Robin gave 110% during her therapy sessions making gains with her motion and function. She began to see weekly improvements with reaching overhead as her strength improved. One of her biggest hurdles was placing the blanket over her horse Manny and brushing him. The horse shows she had been preparing and working so hard for was now becoming a reality. Her goal of reaching overhead and holding her arm up to show Manny had come full circle a year later. Robin made it to Oklahoma City where she won the World Championship for Specialty In-Hand!

We couldn’t be prouder of you Robin! Your fun spirit, dedication, hard work and perseverance made this happen!