Jason Vadeboncoeur

Treated at our Manchester Apple Therapy (Downtown) clinic

Jason came to our clinic two months after undergoing a surgical procedure for a tibial plateau fracture. Jason had complications post-surgery which required a three-week hospital stay and 2 blood transfusions. Jason was not able to bear weight on his leg for three months due to the amount of hardware in his surgical repair. Jason had significant muscle loss, effusion, and very limited range of motion upon starting PT. His PT program started with passive range of motion activities, manual edema techniques, and patella mobilizations. We utilized Rock taping and Graston techniques to reduce edema and improve soft tissue limitations. Due to the nature of his injury, we emphasized a slow progression to weight bearing and closed chain exercises.

Throughout the recovery, Jason worked extremely hard to get back to the activities he loves. His positive attitude and determination carried him through the rehab process.

Way to go Jason!