Treated at our Nashua clinic

Rachel, an avid runner, strained her calf in early September while training for the Baystate Marathon. The injury occurred during a 19 mile training run. Subsequently, Rachel was left unable to run short distances without pain, greatly impacting her ability to reach her goal of
running the 2021 Baystate Marathon.

Evaluated and treated by Matthew Modelane, PT of Apple Therapy Nashua. Rachel was initially treated with Active Release Technique and Functional Dry Needling to alleviate pain, promote healing, and loosen soft tissue adhesions. Eventually, treatment advanced with progressive strengthening and plyometric loading. Rachel was then able to resume her training regimen in time to complete the Baystate Half-Marathon. Rachels training for a goal of completing a full marathon is now fully underway.

Apple Therapy thanks Rachel for always working hard while in physical therapy to reach her goal of participating in Baystate!

Congratulations RACHEL!