Kyle Precourt

29 year old Physical Education Teacher and coach at Hudson middle school. Right hand dominant. Injured while chaperoning ski trip, 1/31/20; sustained right DRUJ fracture dislocation with complete TFCC tear

Initial surgery, same day: External Fixator

Second surgery: Dr Strapko, ORIF distal radius and TFC repair

Third surgery: Dr Strapko, TFCC reconstruction and plate removal.

Following removal of external fixator, Kyle received daily therapy at Apple Nashua for 5 weeks. He presented with no wrist mobility in any plane and no functional grasp release pattern. He also had the inability to oppose or flex his thumb. He was treated by our hand team using many forms of manual therapy, custom orthosis (static and dynamic), and functional forms of exercise to restore the use of his dominant hand. While the main focus was restoring function to his hand and wrist, his entire upper quadrant and body were reconditioned with Pilates-based rehab and conditioning exercises.

Kyle worked diligently – he began therapy 3 times per week and eventually began returning to a more independent life. By the middle of the summer he had returned to teaching and coaching young children in a local day camp and by fall he returned to middle school teaching physical education and coaching as normal. Kyle also returned to performing some of the activities he truly loves… golf, and working out!

Way to go Kyle! We at Apple Nashua are extremely proud of your accomplishments!