Treated at our Bedford clinic

Donna is a patient who broke her ankle 8 years ago in a toboggan accident. She and two others were on the toboggan when they hit a jump and the toboggan, with all three of them still on it, landed on her ankle, causing the break. On May 10, 2022 she underwent her fourth surgery from the original accident. This surgery included a modified Strayer gastroc recession, medializing calcaneal slide osteotomy, and posterior tibial tendon debridement and tenosynovectomy. She has been very motivated and once she was able to get out of the walking boot and into a sneaker she improved tremendously. She is making great STRIDES every day because she works hard at her home exercise program. I have no doubt that her positive attitude will help get her to the finish line.

Keep up the good work, Donna!

Patient of the Month