Treated at our Bedford clinic.

Glenn came to hand therapy with a history of right medial elbow pain. He had difficulty lifting and carrying, and had limited tolerance for golfing.

His treatment included: active release techniques, closed chain exercises, and eccentric movement focused exercises. Interestingly, his left grip strength increased by 25# while his right grip strength increased by 9# during his course of therapy.

Glenn returned to golfing and had a great season. Here’s what Glenn had to say…

“Carol was able to alleviate the elbow strain and also treated some issues with my shoulders. We also worked on stretches. As a result, my golf game improved to the point where I eventually made the playoffs in my golf league. I went from 10th place (last) to 3rd place! In addition, I played in the club championship and won the first flight, net division. I credit Carol (and Mia) with getting my issues fixed to the point where I am now enjoying playing golf again. Thank you so much!” – Glenn

Congratulations GLENN!