Treated at our Manchester (downtown) clinic

In April, Tara came to therapy with complaints of back pain and weakness down her right leg into her right calf. She had been training for the Boston Marathon and was having a difficult time completing her training runs. With symptoms not improving and worsening, an MRI was recommended that showed a disc herniation that required surgery. Her surgery was a L5/S1 discectomy on May 12, 2023 performed by NHOC’s Dr. Wilkening.

As Saint Anselm’s Women’s Golf coach and a competitive golfer herself, she wanted to get back to playing as soon as possible. Since the surgery, she has been working tirelessly in PT with a focus of a back program as well as our return to golf program we offer that includes golf simulated exercises to improve strength and mobility. With her diligent work in clinic and at home, she has been able to return to the course and on August 20th, just 3 months post operative, she won the Derryfield Country Club Women’s Golf Championship.

Congratulations TARA!