Physical Therapy is at The Core of What We Do Here at Apple Therapy Services.

We work closely with our partners at New Hampshire Orthopedic Center and doctors across Southern NH and in the Boston area. We stay in communication with your surgeon or doctor to ensure everyone is aligned with your care.

We also work with organizations like Safe Sports Network and Millennium Running to bring quality care to athletes of all ages and professions in the area.

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Health Resources For You

The official consumer information website of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

National Institute of Health

For easy-to-read, accurate descriptions of conditions, causes, symptoms, and treatments by linking to trusted Web sites for specific information.

American Diabetes Association

Offers diabetes information. as well as advice on nutrition and meal planning, fitness regimes, and lifestyle changes, and connects them with support groups in their communities.

Mayo Clinic

Offers extensive disease/condition information, and goes a step further with its comprehensive and helpful “Treatment Decisions” section, Q&A section called “Ask a Specialist,” and a plethora of “Health Tools.”


As well as offering patients information on wellness, diseases, drugs, and other health topics, this site has an extensive searchable medical encyclopedia with cool pictures and diagrams and a medical dictionary that gives spelling and pronunciation tips.

Cleveland Clinic

Well-organized, extensive medical information. What sets this site apart is its use of multimedia formats: check out the very cool interactive tools, video health talks, online health chats, podcasts, and webcasts.


The American Heart Association’s patient portal on heart disease supplies information, tools, videos, recipes, exercise tips, and expert advice for patients with heart disease and their families. Patients will dig Heart360, an interactive way to manage their heart health by tracking their medications, blood pressure, weight, exercise, and diet.