Pilates Rehabilitation – Offered at our Nashua Practice

Pilates is an exercise program and part of a lifestyle that focuses on strengthening the core muscles in our body.  It also improves flexibility and postural alignment.  Although it can be specific and focused on one body part, the carefully designed program takes your entire body into consideration.  Pilates is an excellent standalone strengthening program and also can be used to enhance performance for sports.  It is combined particularly well with people who perform sports that incorporate rotation as a part of the movement pattern.

Apple Nashua has a very successful Pilates program with full balanced body studio equipment.  The program has successfully rehabilitated countless patients and has regular reformer classes open to the general public.  Personal training is also available for 1:1 training.

Our therapists have the highest level of training in the industry.  The training consists of a 450-hour certification program and mandatory continuing education by Pilates professionals who are also physical and occupational therapists.

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