with Downtown Manchester therapist, Brandt Capone, PT, CSCS

As a former athlete, PT and CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) I specialize in the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning of athletic injuries. I enjoy analyzing the biomechanics of athletic movements. This evaluation allows me to identify the physical limitations in the athletic activities that can be addressed with proper rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. After conventional Physical Therapy, many athletes are not fully prepared to return to their sport. This is where a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist can incorporate programs that can continue to address weakness and limitations so the athlete can eventually safely return to sport.

We are fortunate at Apple Therapy downtown Manchester to be affiliated with and attached to Apple Therapy Wellness. Apple Therapy Wellness is an updated fitness and gym facility that offers cardio equipment, free weights, strength training machines, stretching areas, locker rooms and a basketball court! This space allows our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers the flexibility to be creative in developing post rehabilitation programs.

Currently I am working with several little league baseball players and a SNHU pitcher on return to sport programs. These programs include live throwing drills in our gymnasium following The Orthopedic Centers Interval Throwing Program, as prescribed by Dr. James Vailas.

A safe return to sport requires sport specific strength and conditioning followed by thorough evaluation. At Apple Therapy downtown Manchester we can use computerized Isokinetic testing at variable speeds to establish peak torque and strength of the muscles crossing the knee joint. This information combined with other evaluation data can help the Physical Therapist and referring physician determine when it is safe to return to sport following a knee injury.

A post rehabiliatation strength & conditioning program can include:

  1. Sport specific exercise and drills
  2. Agility, plyometrics and speed training
  3. Flexibility and dynamic exercise
  4. Weights and machines
  5. Periodization: Periodization training is the deliberate manipulation of training variables to optimize performance for competition, prevent overtraining, reduce injury and progress performance

For more information on strength and conditioning and post rehabilitation performance enhancement contact Brandt Capone at brandtc@appletherapy.com

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