A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a blow or hit to the head that results in temporary loss or decrease in brain function. They occur from falls, in a variety of sports, and in motor vehicle accidents. Concussions can last days to months and become more serious when multiple concussions have been experienced.

Concussion symptoms:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • inability to focus and concentrate
  • sensitivity to light and noise
  • fogginess, laziness, sluggish
  • memory problems

Post Concussion Therapy

PT can be helpful to accelerate return to work/school and return to play for patients who suffered from a concussion. Treatment is designed based on the patients complaints and impairments and may include but are not limited to: soft tissue mobilization to neck or head, stretching, balance activities, light aerobic exercise, memory recollection activities, and oculo-motor or visual activities. It is recommended that a patient seek PT treatment as soon after a concussion as possible.