Explore Our Work Hardening and Conditioning Program:

Apple Therapy’s hardening and conditioning program is designed to expedite a patient’s return to full work duties following a work injury. A personalized program is developed to simulate work specific activities, and to improve strength and endurance for job tasks. Through education of body mechanics and joint protection, we improve safe work habits, and reduce the risk of a potential re-injury.

Why Apple Physical Therapy?

Apple Therapy performs functional capacity evaluations. An FCE is an extensive physical and functional evaluation that is designed to assess a person’s function and work capacities. These evaluations are standardized, objective tests that help determine job placement, job accommodation, and/or ability to return to work after injury or illness.

Apple Therapy also offers individualized functional screenings to determine if prospective employees meet the requirements of a specific job. Designed to meet ADA and OSHA standards, the screenings measure a prospective employee’s functional capabilities in an objective, nondiscriminatory way. The screening is performed by an occupational or physical therapist.